Quarantine – a super sharp orange neon pigment that’s gorgeous to the eyes. Ultra dynamic and lively! Use it to create eye-catching neon nails with gel, acrylic or nail polish. Perfect for having on-point nails all summer long!

Instructions for Gel Method 1:
1. Apply a white or light base color & cure, ex: Dove
2. Gently dust on neon pigments onto the tacky layer
3. Seal with Seal It Top Coat & cure

Instructions for Gel Method 2:
1. Mix pigment with a clear gel polish like the Base It Base Coat
2. Apply to nails & cure
3. Seal with Seal It Top Coat & cure

Instructions for Nail Polish:
1. Mix pigment into clear nail polish
2. Apply to nails and let dry then apply topcoat

For Use with Acrylic:
1. Mix pigment into clear acrylic powder to create neon acrylic

Tips: Store your mixed neon pigment gel or polish in a small jar or bottle so you can reuse it next time!
Tips: For a less messy application, try using a sponge to apply pigments.

Size: 5g

Professional use only, avoid contact with eyes.
Store in a cool place away from the sun.

Please note, due to a difference in monitors/displays, pictures can vary in color

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