• Strong adhesion,1/2 inch wide acrylic tape, can withstand 0.5 pounds of weight per square inch, can firmly hold items. If use for heavy and big items you had better to apply as much tape as possible to get more adhesion to fix them firmly;
  • Has many uses: use it to fix or paste items such as picture wall/wall sticker/hook/sticky pads/phone cases and paste items etc. Please note this tape is not waterproof therefore it is best not to use it in damp places;
  • Highly transparent mounting tape, which will not affect the appearance of the item after being pasted, is very suitable for the decoration of glass items;
  • Convenient to use, made of acrylic adhesive glue, it can stick to almost any smooth surface, you can stick anything at will press it for at least 5 seconds when using it to remove the air between the double-sided tape and the surface.


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Double Sided Heavy Duty Tape

Removable Double Sided Tape Transparent and Strong Adhesive Mounting Tape for Paste Photos/Posters


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