• NOTICE before Buying: the glue will swell under the influence of temperature, so the glue only reaches about 2/5 of the bottle. 3g glue each bottle.
  • Industrial Strength: Very strong applying it to press on’s and they will usually last up to two weeks. This is by far the best nail glue like professional glue it holds on well. You can use it professionally too because it holds well.
  • Easy to use.
  • Wide applications: Best nail glue there is for press-on nails and acrylic nails, this glue will help nail repair, including a nail split, which also can this be used for rhinestones on nails
  • Very convenient: the little tiny bottles can be used on the go- easy to keep in your purse, desk, or car. Also, the lids do not glue themselves onto the bottle if you clean after use which is nice


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5pcs 3g Glue for Press-on Nails

Nail Glue for False Nails, Professional Fake Nail Art Design Glue, Beauty Nail Adhesive Decorate Tips Acrylic Glue


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