Welcome to Onyyx by Gaga

A family-owned company committed to bring the highest quality products to Nigeria and beyond. We are focused on our customers’ well-being by ensuring that we provide safe-to-use products to individuals and nail technicians.

We are Nigeria’s first Indie Polish line that specialises in making nail polish and gel polish and supply of other finished nail beautification products.

Founded by Gaga Amangbo in 2018, Onyyx by Gaga is set to become number one in Nigeria for nail products. With this vision comes great responsibility that is not been taken lightly. Quite simply, we are focused on excellence within the Professional Beauty Industry.

Onyyx by Gaga’s reputation is built on its commitment to quality, safety, innovation, service and excellence – a commitment we honour with every product, every day



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International transaction processing is normally used for sending or getting international cash or inspections. An international purchase is a transfer involving from one location to