What’s Your Shade for Date Night? February 20, 2019 – Posted in: Uncategorized

You can wear Reds, Pinks, Darks/Vamps, Brights, Nudes, Sparkly, Pastels etc for date night with boo.. Here’s what we think these shades have to say about you and recommendations from our stash.

Reds – Reds are confident and glamorous and sexy and give the impression that you are not afraid and rules aren’t for you. We have a variety of reds and you can try our red in ‘Let Me See It’. She’s a very sexy red with pink impression shimmers

Darks/Vamps – These colours are bold and show you are the boss. these will give you the full Gothic and sexy disposition. we recommend you try our daring shade in ‘Last Dance’. She’s a sexy dark purple shade

Nudes – Nudes show you aren’t a person who likes adventure as you would rather keep things simple and natural. A reserved look can do not wrong to anyone and so we know you can never go wrong with any neutral or natural shade.. go ahead and shop our amazing nude shades especially ‘Flirty’. A subtle pink shade of nail polish.

Pastels – pastels show you always want to try new daring things. These shades come bright, sheek and beautiful and will get you noticed from any corner of the room. Go ahead, be you, get a pastel shade today in ‘Walk on the Beach’, ‘Light it Up’, and the rest.