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Nail Polish vs Gel Polish

Thinking of getting a manicure but can’t decide whether you want gel or regular/traditional nail polish because you don’t really know the difference? Well, Lets try to clear or differentiate the two as best as we can. For a manicure that uses traditional nail polish, you would see a process like this. The technician will remove any old polish from your hands, shape and prime your nails, give you a little hand massage, then apply…

What’s Your Shade for Date Night?

You can wear Reds, Pinks, Darks/Vamps, Brights, Nudes, Sparkly, Pastels etc for date night with boo.. Here’s what we think these shades have to say about you and recommendations from our stash. Reds – Reds are confident and glamorous and sexy and give the impression that you are not afraid and rules aren’t for you. We have a variety of reds and you can try our red in ‘Let Me See It’. She’s a very…

Welcome to Onyyx by Gaga

Hello Gaga Fam! Welcome to Onyyx By Gaga. A place where Moods meet Colours and nail techs find relief from sourcing quality materials to help boost the confidence of their customers. It seemed like a far fetched dream when the vision to create a nail polish line came to our founder, Gaga Amangbo but now here we are bringing you highly pigmented, opaque Handmade Professional Nail Lacquers, Gel Polish, Nail files and Nail tips. OnyyxbyGaga…

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